My Tech Page

Here are my tech articles on topics that may be useful to others.

I also offer various files (scripts, programs, macros, executables). These files are offered completely AS IS, with no warranties of any sort. They are offered free of charge. I only ask that if you find them useful, consider a donation to some appropriate organization for the relief of poverty.

Zenas Case Management A complete case management system for solo practitioners, centering on the WordPerfect office suite, and in particular, the Quattro Pro spreadsheet program. The introductory page includes links to the operating files and a large PDF file that explains how it works, how to use it, and how it can be customized.
The Use of MindMaps for Lawyers A look at four uses of mindmaps, focusing on freemind. I now use the similar freeplane mind map.
Numbering PDF files (Bates numbering) A short overview of an AutoIT script that applies Bates numbering to PDF files.
Quattro Pro Spreadsheets and Documents A page for storing QP sample files and information.
WordPerfect Files A page for storing WordPerfect sample files and information.
Lexis Narrow Using the Stylish add-on for Firefox and a script, one can narrow the horizontal width so that it can sit on the same desktop, side-by-side with the word processor.
AutoIT Scripts Coming
RapidQBasic Programs Coming