PDF Numbering

I use the PDF-XChange Viewer and an AutoIT script to number (or “Bates stamp”) pages of PDF files.

The PDF-XChange Viewer is freeware available here:


The AutoIT scripting language is freeware available here:


The annotated script I wrote to handle PDF numbering, and the compiled version, are available here:

http://corklaw.com/Tech/PDF/PDFNumber.au3 (script, for revision)

http://corklaw.com/Tech/PDF/PDFNumber.exe (my current executable version)

Running the script (or compiling it and running it as an EXE file) generates this window.


Hopefully, these notes make sense. A demo of how to use it is available at http://corklaw.com/Tech/PDF/PDF_Numbering_Demo.pdf.

If you find this useful, then I simply ask that you remember the poor (Gal. 2:10) and consider giving to appropriate charitable organizations for the relief of the poor.