Quattro Pro Spreadsheets and Documents

Here are my Quattro Pro materials that may be useful to others.

Quattro Pro Formulas, Functions and Macros - Last revised March 26, 2018. This is a book covering basic aspects of formulas, functions and macros in Quattro pro, and some advanced techniques, with many real-need applications of those techniques.

A Quattro Pro Cheat Sheet (August 21, 2015) is a one-page summary of the syntax of QP functions and macro commands covered in the book.

Sample spreadsheets One or more spreadsheets for each chapter of the book are contained in this zip file.

Zenas, an entire case management system centering on the Quattro Pro spreadsheet.

QPMerge.qpw is a sample spreadsheet showing how to merge a QP database with the components of a letter within QP. The data and components of this letter can be freely altered for other uses.

ZipsToCDs.qpw is a spreadsheet I use to assist me in archiving zip files to compact disks. It lists all zip files in a folder and then recommends that each of the zips be placed in a particular compact disk. A PDF containing screenshots is also available.

How to create custom toolbars in QP18, add macros, change icons. - Revised September 29, 2017.