WordPerfect Files

Here are some WordPerfect materials that may be useful to others.

Word v. WordPerfect - how to create a template for an appellate brief in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. I had created a template recently for that court using WordPerfect. Then I watched a well-regarded instructor show how to do the same thing using Word. I then created this page contrasting the two, and showing how much easier WordPerfect makes this task.

Accompanying files include:

The 11th Circuit finished template, and a starting version of it that can be used to trace the steps in creating the finished version.

How to paginate the brief, which is paginated differently in at least four places. The cover has no pagination. The Certificate of Interested Persons uses C-# of Total# format. The introductory tables use roman numerals. The main text uses arabic numerals. Doing this is a snap in WordPerfect, but "tricky" in Word.

How to change the default text size. This brief requires 14 point Times or the equivalent in other fonts for main text and footnotes. Making the changes takes one step in WordPerfect, lots in Word.

How to view style codes. This shows the simple steps to view a style for the argument headings. It also shows how I altered the factory settings for one such style for this brief.

How to create the Table of Contents. A few simple steps.

How to mark items for the Table of Contents. A few simple steps for each item.

How to create Tables of Authorities. A few simple steps for each table to be created.

How to mark items for a Table of Authorities. This shows the straightforward steps for marking and editing the long form of each citation, how to add hanging indent codes for long citations if desired, how to use the short form listing to mark citations that appear more than once, and how to generate the tables.

Macros and Merges will follow eventually.