Zenas Change Log

Date Change in Zenas
08/25/23 Revise Projects.qpw to add to the LaTeX gannt chart a listing of current cases
02/22/23 Rebuild Time database, due to corruption
10/01/22 Change ListOpenFiles.qpw, Macro:B19, from a static block to block that expands/shrinks with the list of cases
07/20/22 Modify timesheet to show # of deadlines undone today; move a button; resize a few rows; add Macs:B61 and modify Macs:H95
06/06/22 Modify Problems Macro:C56..C61 to distinguish cases where the date of accrual of the cause of action is unknown
06/05/22 Modify Macs:I45..I46 and H95 to change daily startup behavior to focus on previously unposted time, if any.
01/15/22 Change method of moving data from TitlelogViewer compile sheet to Zenas TimeSheet
01/03/22 Revise zebra striping in TitlelogViewer.qpw to deal with a particular inexactitude
12/28/21 Add zebra striping to Data in TitlelogViewer.qpw, Z+ and Z- buttons
12/21/21 Change Macs:L81..91 (record payments) to remove dubious feature that allowed simultaneous entry as income, while depositing into different account
12/16/21 Slight modification of Projects.qpw to improve look of LaTeX gantt chart
11/05/21 Change TitlelogViewer to hide jump button until user places Compile text into clipboard
11/03/21 Modified TitlelogViewer.qpw when OS change made {alert} lose clipboard content of an array of cells; data transfer-to-Zenas function split in two
10/12/21 Insert Macs:J22-J24 to sort both data fields in Contacts sheet descending from most recent data
09/23/21 Revise rule-based deadlines in SetDeadlines.qpw
08/23/21 Revise ListOpenFiles.qpw to add feature for printing a list of all open files by case number and client name
08/20/21 Continuing revisions of TitltelogViewer.qpw to make data entry easier in Zenas's TimeSheet sheet
07/16/21 Continuing revisions of Projects.qpw, which now generates Gantt chart of upcoming events and projects via LaTeX/TikZ
07/12/21 Improve ZenasForms.qpw for printing file-related documents
09/21/20 Change to Titlelog viewer's compiler, to fit better into Zenas timesheet
09/09/20 Modified sorting of deadlines (Macs:H22..30) to speed it up
09/05/20 When a case is opened or closed, the word "Update" appears on the Zenas page. When a list is generated there, it disappears.
08/23/20 Modified Macs:G133..G135, to automate process of adding additional deadline ticklers
08/06/20 Add Macs:H43 to remove text color on marking a deadline Done
07/26/20 Modify Projects.qpw to take data there and apply it to a timeline in LaTeX / PGF/ TikZ
07/26/20 Develop ClientContactBook.qpw to generate list of current cases and contact information for people in Set 1
07/23/20 Added compile feature to titlelog viewer, allowing it to generate grid suitable for Zenas timesheet. See instructions at Macro D65
06/12/20 Revise Mindmap macro to fix bug, that missed some files with the same name in parent and child folders
10/19/19 A few additional changes re buttons
10/18/19 Further changes to make the new buttons hide
10/11/19 Numerous changes to macros (columns E, F and J) to replace {?} command with buttons
09/21/19 Modify invoice macros for readability
08/12/19 Error checking added to invoice macro at Macs:L127, to see if the invoice file has yet been generated by LaTeX
05/22/19 Slight modification to Macs:J61 on returning to contacts after editing a name
04/17/19 Restore formula in Bill:H4 that had inadvertently replaced with default rate earlier
03/30/19 Modify Titlelog.qpw to restore option to jump to a particular time
03/30/19 Modify Macs:K151 for invoices in LaTeX.
03/29/19 Cosmetic chantge to Macs:E33
03/16/19 Modified Macs:E32..E41 to allow user to accept default file closing number
02/13/19 Add "Close" button to most forms to avoid the file save dialog.
02/06/19 Add module for opening new matters: NewMatter.qpw
02/05/19 Modify Titlelog.qpw to add option to start listing at particular time, selecting it by designating the HHMM to begin
10/25/18 Modify Titlelog.qpw to get to have option to stay at top (first) or jump to bottom (latest) of time entries.
10/01/18 Improve updating of last action in Problems.qpw
09/26/18 Add command to Macs:E12 to return cursor to column A after date entry in Cases Database
07/31/18 Add protection to cells on Timesheet
07/24/18 Slight revision of titlelog.qpw macro in jumping to a particular time
06/29/18 Revise Projects.qpw to reflect the deadline date (a needed correction) and to render the lead-up period by dashes, not Xs
05/25/18 Revise Macs:E53..E56 to add closed case number to "reopened" in Status column (see 1/3/18)
05/24/18 Fix error in Query:D14
05/21/18 Fix minor bug in LaTeX invoice generator: Macs:K163..189
04/02/18 Revised Problems.QPW to allow jump to Case# in Cases database; correct a few bugs there
03/17/18 Added method to send generated PDF invoices by Thunderbird as attachments (Macs:L125..L130, L193..L197)
03/11/18 Revise invoice macro to generate invoices in LaTeX (personal use): Macs:K138..K201. The method using QPWs can still be used by commenting out Macs:L145
03/09/18 Revise Problem.qpw to present all issues in a single column. Remove status report from Deadlines page
03/08/18 On Timesheet page, narrowed "Work" column and set it to wrap
02/27/18 Change ZenasForms.qpw to set the printer (Macro:A40) before other settings and printing
02/22/18 Remove buttons from Operating and Trust pages to add mileage when depositing checks, and corresponding macros on Macs sheet; change nomenclature
01/17/18 Add button to Deadlines page that runs the Problems.QPW page; make corrections on Problems.qpw file
01/05/18 Changed Macs:I26 to save file each time a time entry is made.
01/03/18 Change Macs:E53..E54 to restore 0 as Closed# to reopened files, rather than x and the former closed #
11/30/17 Revised Projects.qpw to display a more informative header
11/07/17 Modified TitlelogViewer.qpw to insert x's into blank entries for program and window title, to enable the Quickfilter to work in those columns
10/14/17 Add routines to export a "Phone Book" from the People sheet
09/01/17 Change Invoice.qpw Macro:N10 to remove only area within invoice when consolidating rows
08/16/17 In Problems.qpw, revise macros slightly; improve documentation; alter button on front page
08/13/17 Add caution message (Macs:B102) to inhibit keystrokes while a macro is running, which can cause problems. Corresponding changes at J14, J23.
08/12/17 Added Macs:C91..C95 to allow a jump to a database to ask the user whether to go to the last entry, provide default responses (c92 for yes, c95 for no), and then incorporate selectively into C3..C27
07/18/17 Modify Book.QPW's report of last statement date, to ignore (second) statements that add no additional time
06/29/17 Slight change to structure of diary posting macro at Macs:i70, i138
06/19/17 Add to TitlelogViewer method for selecting any .CSV file in the Titlelog folder for viewing. Macs:i141-143, and macro starting at Macro:C56 in Titlelog.qpw. Add button on Timesheet page
06/15/17 Modify Time posting macro in Macs:i68, 67-78, 132-136 in order to save data to Diary.qpw, rather than a WPD file
06/14/17 Move macro for titlelog folder from Macs:i145 to Macs:i127
05/12/17 Add Macro:E15..E17 to Projects.qpw, to allow re-running macro after revision of data there
05/10/17 Add Macro:B1..B3 to Invoice.qpw, to prefer making PDF before printing invoice
05/05/17 Add quickfilter to TitlelogViewer.qpw
03/13/17 Modify Macs:K22 to double-apply the row-height command, which erred sometimes previously
02/28/17 Revise query of operating account (Query.D18 and OperatingSearch.qpw)
12/29/16 Insert additional error checking in Macro:C101
12/26/16 Extensive revise the Invoice.qpw and the macro that generates it, in order to allow modifications of results in the invoice itself
12/16/16 Modify alignment of columns A-C on Time page
12/15/16 Add ability to combine rows to Invoice.qpw; conforming change to Macs:L171
11/07/16 Modify Macs:L84 to make "no" the default answer
11/04/16 Revise Macs:E24..E26 to allow user to accept default client folder name without typing it
11/01/16 Review Invoice.qpw to handle return addresses less than 4 lines in length
09/27/16 Correct "Sort Cases Data" button on Cases page to refer to Macs:M14
09/05/16 Add time logging to Macs:g107
09/02/16 Restore Macs:d7, g77, keep Macs:I79, which keep a log of activity on particulr cases
08/19/16 Updated Macs:W40
08/12/16 Correct referencing error in Sort Cases Data button on Cases page
06/13/16 Slight revision of invoice macro at Macs:L157
06/06/16 Move BoxSheet from Doc Assembly to Case Forms. Add macro in ZenasForms.qpw to generate Table of Contents for the forms.
06/05/16 Expanded columns covered in Macs:J22 to a..i
06/04/16 Updated reference in Bill:K9 to Macs:K13 (from L13)
06/04/16 Split CaseForms function (CaseView) into Document Assembly button (with WordPerfect) and Case Forms button (ZenasForms QPW). Doc assembly still refers to same place (changes made there). Case Forms gos to Macs:E107.
05/23/16 Moved Macs:L15 to L20 and added automation features in L4..L14 on noting payments
05/23/16 Revise Macs:L139..L179 to place billing data on the invoice form, rather than rely on links in the invoice back to Zenas
05/07/16 Rearranged Macs:L30..L33 to deal with making an invoice in a different QPW file
05/02/16 Reset all {FileOpen} commands in Macs to open QPW files as copies
05/01/16 Modify Invoice again, to avoid doubling client files, while bridging gap in Corel's macro system, and adding other improvements
04/03/16 Added \j macro to Invoice.qpw to join and wrap automatically 4 columns of work detail
04/01/16 Revise Invoice.qpw to alert if a PDF has not yet been created, before emailing it.
03/23/16 Rename Gantt.qpw as Projects.qpw and redesign it to be constructed with macros, not with the chart engine
03/22/16 Add Macs:C103 to jump to bill page from front page
03/14/16 Additional work on invoices. Altering Macs:L100, L140, K22, K108. Create ZenasLaunch.wcm macro to use AppExecute. Revize PDF generation
03/10/16 Revised invoice system again to generate everything in QP, rather than WP. Created Invoice.qpw in forms folder. Change Macs:L15..19, L30; Add L140..169. Remove functions from ZenasMerger macro
03/07/16 Then revised it again. Added Macs:Z30..Z44 as general ^delimited file creator. Added Macs:L124..131 to put time & costs into such files. Insert Macs:L16 to call L124. Then changed ZenasMerger macro to import those files.
03/07/16 Improved invoice form; revised method of getting data into it (now a little slower, but better looking) in ZenasMerger macro
03/02/16 Added page to Book.QPW to extract hourly cases with amounts due or billable, sorted in descending order, with biggest cash-flow cases at the top
02/26/16 Change ZenasMindMap.wcm so that it does not alter characters with ascii value over 122. Current FreePlane handles those well, apparently
02/24/16 Fix Macs:K77, which had commented out the command for looping in earlier debugging, but which should havebeen restored
02/12/16 Correct ZenasMerger.wcm at lines 235 and 250; reference to Actor page changed to Query page; fixed another issue
01/26/16 Modiy Macs:H46 to restore hline command
01/23/16 Modify Macs:D79..D94 to change case display routines so that blanks are not returned as 0s, and so that CaseView need not be set to ignore 0s
01/08/16 Modify Macs:T6 and T16 to specify the sort block
01/08/16 Add features to Status.qpw - same keystroke macros to jump to Case# and add Deadline on Case#
12/31/15 Revised bill page for cosmetics and to add outstanding bills button; revise balances.qpw to eliminate positive balances less that $0.01; add a total formula; improve documentation of macro
12/22/15 Correct Macs:C18
12/20/15 Moved TEntry and TData pages to separate SetDeadlines.qpw; moved macs from H81ff to new QPW; corrected some logic errors; deleted button on Zenas page; revised Macs:G128ff; condensed Macs:H
12/19/15 Moved Problems page to separate Problems.qpw; moved macro from macs:x5..X63 and corrected errors that had crept in; revised Macs:c20
12/19/15 Moved Suits page to separate Suits.qpw; moved macro from Mas:Y5..Y19; revised Macs:C23
12/19/15 Moved Status page to separate Status.qpw, moved macro from Macs:H140..H160; revised Macs:C18
12/14/15 Moved Book page to separate Book.QPW, moved corresponding macro from Macs:L116-159; changed Macs:C9 to point to Book generator
12/14/15 Alter method of reporting outstanding balances in Macs:G138 and correct reference to that cell in button on caseview page
10/17/15 Correct typo in Macs:K69, which caused a failure to capture expenses
10/05/15 Fixed error that crept into a line of Billings.qpw
09/28/15 Discovered real reason for last problem; corrected Macs:F22, F25, F48, F49 to point to correct row (15) on Query; correct F58 to move from that row, without sending properties, to actor DB
09/24/15 Correct error in Macs:F58 that deleted formulas on Query sheet; applied protection to cells w/formulas on Query sheet; then removed it as causing more problems than it solved
09/22/15 Changed fonts on some PerfectScript dialog boxes from Courier to Lucida Console
09/09/15 Modify OperatingSearch.qpw Macro:F5 to conceal shift from main page to macro page and back
09/09/15 Restore return settings when marking deadlines done. Change Macs:H38, H46
08/31/15 Correct error that made Bill:C3 date ineffective in limiting billing reports. Add lines now at Macs:K43, K69 & better document macro
08/25/15 Upon payment received, mark billing tickler as done. Change Macs:L12, L106-109.
08/21/15 Modified method of producing the change log (Macs:R65), after modifying way of uploading the system.
08/19/15 Add TrustBalances.qpw to report on trust balances by case; Added Macs:W4..W5; Remove Trust:P..S; Revise formula in Trust:M3
08/19/15 Create UnbilledTime.qpw to report on unbilled, billable time; Change Macs:T30..T51; Remove Time:K..O
08/19/15 Create BillingsSearch.qpw to query Billings; change Macs:U22..U26; remove Billings:K1..P#.
08/19/15 Create OperatingSearch.qpw to query operating account; change Macs:V4..V8; remove Operating:S1..X#
08/18/15 Move Outstanding Balances report from Billings sheet to Balances.qpw; conforming changes to Macs:U30..U60; Remove Billings:U1..Y1
08/18/15 Follow up changes to ZenasMerger & ZenasPickActor macros; add Macs:o10..o30
08/17/15 Add SendAll.qpw to replace Actor:L..V, mail merge and multi-emails. Revised Macs:F20..F62, G84..87, G114..116, O4..O39, O67..O80, P59..P63
08/17/15 Add ContactSearch.qpw to replace Lawyers:M1..Q####. Conforming changes made to Macs:P19..P25
08/17/15 Add Query page to Zenas. A workaround for QP NB Query flaw. Most queries output to it.
08/16/15 Spent most of day improving previous macro with one using a helper column and matches. Performance hit was still too great. Returning to workaround flaw in QP's NB Queries.
08/15/15 Spent most of day replacing Notebook queries with an macro using For loop through database.
08/14/15 Replace Search block on People sheet with PeopleSearch.qpw; move macros there. Revise People sheet and its buttons; revise Macs:N4, N84(moved to N20); cleared most below the N24; remove F4..F14; J5..J13
08/14/15 Replace Search block on Cases sheet with CaseSearch.qpw; move macros there. Revise Cases sheet and its buttons; Revise Case search button on Zenas sheet; revise Macs:M4, D64; delete M30 & M40
08/13/15 Replace CaseDiary sheet with separate file (CaseDiary.qpw); remove (and update) the macro that generates it from Macs:F109 to new file; new macro at Macs:F109..F111 simply calls it
08/13/15 Add Trust Account viewer (TrustAccount.qpw); Macs:W74..W79; and button on Trust sheet
08/04/15 Add {Look} to Macs:J24 to clear typeahead buffer on contacts page
07/22/15 Revisions to "project viewer" (Gantt.qpw)
07/14/15 Add Ctrl+Shift+R as keystroke macro to return to last position; simply launches Macs:B38. Zenas:P10..R10 added. More developments may follow
07/14/15 Alert added at Macs:L12 to remind to mark tickler (6/27/15) done
07/12/15 Added a project viewer (Gantt.qpw); new "Projects" button in Deadlines; Macs:H166..H168
06/27/15 Add to billing macro (L56, L96..L103) to generate a tickler at 21 days to check on payment
06/06/15 Revise TitlelogViewer.qpw to add progress bar
05/23/15 Revise TitlelogViewer.qpw markup routines
05/19/15 Revise TitlelogViewer.qpw to mark any times over 5 minutes (not just in first 2000 rows)
05/19/15 Remove earlier, errant commands from Macs:T5, T15
03/19/15 Slight positioning change in Macs:T35
03/02/15 Change Macs:L4..L11 to test if the user presses cancel button
02/05/15 Revise TitlelogViewer.qpw for clarity; move one column; delete another
02/04/15 Expand Macs:I80 to insert time as well as date
02/02/15 Modify Macs:H81 to add additional test
02/02/15 Modify Macs:G139..G142 to replace {quit} with {return}, for file closing routines
02/02/15 Modify Macs:C14..C22 for more convenient starting point after jump
01/28/15 Modify ZenasMailMerge macro so as to merge without opening the form file
01/22/15 Follow up corrections to Macs:F37, J43, N32
01/21/15 Insert four columns on search block on People page (moving it from Col W to Col AA) to deal with failure to reset correctly. Make corresponding changes on Macs page: F4 F8 F9 F21 J8 J9 N5 N6 N24 N26 N31 N41 N44 N87 N89. Changes also in the PickPerson and PhoneNo macros.
01/21/15 Insert line at Macs:58 to handle case where user cancels instead of selecting case for tickler.
01/20/15 Corrected typo in ZenasMerger.wcm
01/15/15 Macro in B123..B125 to count DB changes in B126 and save file when = B127. Corresponding changes in Macs:F61, H18, H47, H106, J62, J78, J90, L10, R57. Cosmetic change in J3, J38.
01/15/15 Remove obsolete Macs:A123..B124
12/19/14 Modify Macs:H81..H82 to test whether cursor is on a case number. If so, assume it is the correct one. Otherwise, lookup active cases
12/01/14 Added Check Balance button @ CaseView:L3 and modified Macs:G137..142 accordingly
11/29/14 Modify Macs:H39 to deal with fumble-fingered selection of title row on deadline page for marking as "done"
11/29/14 Added file-closing routine to check for current balance. Modify Macs:E37,G137..139,L110
11/11/14 Modified default mindmap to add subnode for Bills under the Files node; added accompanying icon for placing in Freeplane icons folder
10/30/14 Correct minor flaw in Macs:C12..C13
10/20/14 Revise start-up procedures to go directly to Deadlines, but notify if time has not been posted, in Macs:B18..B21,i45
10/13/14 Add to Macs:E32 to handle user's failure to enter a Closed# on closing case
10/01/14 Changed logic of Macs:C121 and corresponding alert in Macs:E93 to allow ctrl+sh+p macro to work on CaseView listing of actors
09/30/14 Named Macs:F71 as \c, so that Ctrl+Sh+C pulls up the contact page; add Zenas:P9..R9 with this info
09/29/14 Simplified Macs:B79..B80
09/29/14 Modify Macs:H147..H156 to add comments and to use @@ references to Cases and Deadlines
09/27/14 Modify Macs:C11..C16 to stop navigating to the bottom of certain pages
09/23/14 Modify line 23 of ZenasClientFiles.wcm macro to return client folders even if a data file in the Zenas folder begins with the same number, but has an extension
09/22/14 Add method to give detail on unbilled hourly time. See "Time", columns K through O and Macs:T30..50. A few minor changes were made in Macs:a197,F133.135, L38..39, T5 and T15
09/18/14 Add Macs:H70 to update the status report after returning from jump to the deadline page on a case number
09/13/14 Add descriptions in Book:J3..J6
09/11/14 Add button on Timesheet page for viewing yesterday's Titlelog entry, with accompanying script at Macs:i120..124
09/08/14 Dealing w/same proble as on 8/26 re cells containing zero; modify Macs:C39, D105, E43, E87, F130, F138, F146, H110, H114, H147, L37, L44, U49, X10, Y10
08/26/14 Change Macs:D131 to stop the loop only on blank cell in Deadlines:a1..a10000, not cell containing zero
08/26/14 Change separators for contact info in Caseview. Modify Caseview:E10, Macs:B159..B160
08/15/14 Change text of Titlelog data button on deadlines sheet
08/13/14 Revise Macs:U40 for aesthetics and to remove deadwood
08/11/14 Add indicator in Timesheet:A4 that the date is not current
07/21/14 CaseDiary: Add clear button; set hours numeric format; improved spacing at top; locked titles
07/17/14 Disabled calls to Macs:i29, which delays insertion of timesheet values in (rather than at end of) current listings
07/10/14 Reverse 5/30 change to Invoice.wpt. I'll simply delete the email line manually for invoices to be printed
07/10/14 Add method for automating insertion of entries at top of this log
06/30/14 Add line ZenasMerger at end to zoom to margins; revise both operating and trust check forms for changes in WPX7 and my printed checks
06/28/14 Add line to MailMerge macro to restore WP window if it was minimized
06/05/14 Minor cosmetic changes on Operating sheet
06/02/14 Macs:A37..B38: added option to return to cell at start of macro, & made H69,ill optional; removed call to B36 & B37 in Macs:H38, H46
05/31/14 Add AppRestore command at end of ZenasMerger macro, to display file if WP is minimized
05/30/14 Change TitlelogViewer to mark entries > 5 minutes in length (formerly 3 minutes)
05/30/14 Change Invoice.wpt form to remove "send via" email; I will print them in future
05/15/14 Modify Macs:J22 to display contact info consistently
05/15/14 Extensively revise Titlelog viewing by creating separate dedicated QPW file; revise Macs:i115 and following, as well as b19, and i44..i45
05/14/14 Correct Macs:e31 to show the listing of last files in closed boxes
05/14/14 Added @value to Macs:V55
05/05/14 Revised standard case mindmap template a bit, for aesthetics. Hid unused columns M-R on this page
05/03/14 Remove cell border formatting on Time page
04/19/14 Restore Envelope.frm to zip distribution; it handles multiple envelopes from Send Multiple on CaseView
04/17/14 Fixed error in Updated action on case; Macs:B72